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Related article: Cock Lovers I met John on the BBS a couple of weeks ago. We'd spent some time
chatting online and I'd gotten to know him pretty well. He seemed like
a pretty nice guy and after I talked to him one night for awhile I
asked him if he might want to get together on a weekend. He readily agreed but when I finished telling him the whole story
he was more than eager to get together with me. I'd been involved on
gay bulletin boards and talked with guys all over the country, I felt
very comfortable doing that and I considered myself to be gay in every
sense of the word except one; I'd never had sex with another man. And
when I told that to John he was very excited about being the first. We made plans to meet at a place near where he lived on a Saturday
afternoon. I arrived a little early so I bought myself a beer and sat
down at a table outside in the shade to wait for John. It was nice and
pleasant outside even though the temperature was in the high 80's and
the beer was keeping my excitement from getting out of hand. I'd never met John before but I knew what he looked like after
chatting with him, and when I saw tan Chevy pull up, I knew that John
was behind the wheel. He was about 5' 10", medium build with medium
length brown hair. He had a very young looking face and was wearing a
blue T-shirt and a very sexy looking pair of shorts that revealed
strong muscular legs. I followed his legs up from his athletic calves
and thighs up to his nicely shaped buns as he turned to lock his car
door. hardcore preteen henti He looked to be every bit as hot as I though he would be and my
cock tingled a little bit at the though of what was going to happen.
He walked in from the parking lot and when he looked my way I waved at
him to let him know it was me. We talked for a bit, I was asia schoolgirls preteens admittedly a little nervous, and he put
me at ease right away. We sat in the shade and talked for about 15 or
20 minutes. He preteen bbs chill
told me preteen cartoons gallerys that he originally wanted to go over to his
house but that his roommate was home and it might not be the best place
to go. I agreed so we ended getting into his car and going to a Motel
6 a couple of blocks down the road. I was starting to get pretty excited, as I checked in I hope bbs porn preteen my
hardening cock wasn't too obvious to the lady behind the counter. As I
walked back to the car my cock was hard as a rock and pressing against
my leg and I was practically drooling to get a close up view of John's
cock. The room was right around the corner from where we had parked so
it took only a second to grab our stuff and slip inside. The room was fairly dark with the curtain pulled and when I closed
the door behind me it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. John
hadn't said anything yet, he was standing next to the bed, I wasn't
sure if he was waiting for me to do something but I wasn't in a waiting
mood, so I walked up to him and put my hand on his cock. I hadn't
noticed it in the dim light, but when my hand touched the front of his
shorts I immedietely felt a hard, stiff rod in my fingers. I squeezed
his hard cock through the fabric of his shorts for a few minutes. This
was the first cock besides my own I'd ever had my hand on and it felt
great to me. As I fondled his cock John was moving his hips back and forth,
moving closer and closer to me. Then my hands slowly went to his
zipper and pulled it down. I slipped my right hand into his fly and
felt for his cock, he was wearing boxer shorts and I could feel the hot
flesh of his cock through the open fly. Then I dropped to my knees so I could get a better look at stiff
cock I was fondling. I maneuvered his cock through the opening and
suddenly I was face to face with a 7 inch steel beauty! With my hand wrapped tightly around his hard shaft I reached out
with my tongue and licked the head of his cock. It tasted nice and
fresh and I knew I was really going enjoy sucking and fucking with
John. Then slowly I drew his cock between my lips, I ran my tongue
over his cock as it slid into my mouth. His shaft was pretty thick and
I got it nice and wet as I moved my mouth up and down on his cock. John ru naked preteens was getting into my first blow job as well, he was now moving
his hips back preteen hot crazy and forth again in rhythm with my strokes up and down his
hard cock. Neither of us had said a word since we entered the room so
when John let preteen girl virgins out a groan of pleasure it took me by surprise. "You're cock tastes absolutely wonderful!" I said as I pulled his
cock from my mouth. "I can't believe you haven't done this before, you've got a hot
mouth." My reply was to slide his cock back into my mouth and apply my
tongue to his slick shaft again. I was on my knees now in front of John, I still had his cock
protruding from his open zipper while I stroked it and sucked on the
head. Now I wanted to feel his balls in my hands as well. With his
cock still firmly planted in my between my lips I reached up with both
hands and popped the snap on his shorts, and a little tug later his
shorts were down around his ankles, his boxers followed quickly. Now I had plenty of room to work with, I continued to lick and
suck on his cock, moving my mouth up and down on the shaft and keeping
it nice and wet and slick. Now my hands moved russian preteens photos
between his legs and I
fondled his big balls at the same time. "Oh yeah, that feels great, lick my balls too" he moaned. I
pulled his cock from my mouth and started to lick down the hard shaft
till I was licking and sucking on his balls. They felt nice and full
to me as I sucked the into my mouth. I kept my left hand stroking up
and down on his cock as I moved my tongue over his balls. "Yeah, that's preteen sexy nudists it, suck my balls, man, you're going to my load if
you keep that up!" He was stroking his cock back and forth in my hands now as I kept
my tongue moving all over his balls. I changed places moving my hands
down to stroke and fondle his balls and I sucked his throbbing cock
back into my mouth. I had felt beforehand that I was really going to like sucking
cock, but it was even better than I thought it was going to be. John
was really getting into it now, he had his hands on the back of my head
and was stroking his cock in and out of my mouth. With each stroke my
tongue moved over his shaft and �I knew he was going to cum soon. "Come on, John, fuck my mouth, shoot your load over my face!" I
mumbled as I kept sucking on his cock. "I'm close, man, real close." he moaned. "Keep it up, suck my
cock into your throat!" Then I felt his body stiffen and I knew he was going to shoot his
come into my mouth. I pulled his cock out and jacked preteen dirty models him off as hard
as I can, I wanted to take his first load all over my face. He thrust his hips forward and his first string of cum exploded
from his cock and hit me right on the chin. Another wad landed on my
tongue as I moved to suck his cock back into my mouth. As his cockhead
slipped between my lips I felt another shot of cum hit the back of my
throat. "Feed me your cock, John, your come tastes great!" It was hard to
speak clearly with a big cock in your mouth nonude african preteen but I was thoroughly
enjoying the situation. I let let John's now softening cock slide from my mouth as he
leaned back against the bed. As he caught his breath I leaned down and
put his nonnude darling preteen
cock back into my mouth. The feel of his slick, cum covered
cock between my lips was very exciting. If sucking on cocks was this
good all the time I incest collection preteens was going to have a cock in my mouth as much as
possible. John was still breathing heavily as he lay back on the bed. I
still had his cock in my mouth and I wanted to keep it there. "I still can't believe you've never sucked a cock before. I
haven't come that hard in a long time" preteen videos sites "Your cock really turns me on, John. It felt as good as I thought
it would sliding into my mouth! I love it!" I kept sucking on his soft cock and playing with his balls. I
hadn't come yet and as I laid down on the bed with John I felt his hand
move to my cock. It was still hard with excitement, and as nonude preteen grils he started
to stroke my cock it got even harder. I renewed my attack on his cock
and I could feel it started to harden again in my mouth. I moved on my side and spread my legs a little to let John have
better access. He knew that I wanted him to fuck my ass and now I felt
his hands running down my balls, and preteen bbs chill
his finger start to play over my
ass. We moved around so that his head was closer to my cock and I felt
a chill run up my back as he sucked my cock into his mouth. young preteens hot
It felt even better when he slid a finger into my hole. As he
slid that finger in and out of my ass I moved my hips to drive it
deeper. His cock was getting nice and hard again and I was ready for
the next step, which was to have John slide that nice, hard cock right
up my ass and fuck me! "I want your cock in my ass, John. I want you to fuck me" "Anything you want, if your ass is as hot as your nude sleeping preteens
mouth I'm going
to fill it with my hard cock!" He reached over into a small bag he'd brought with him and pulled
out a tube of lubricant. He filled his hand with a large amount and
then handed me the tube. "Get my cock nice and slick, I'm going to lube your ass so it's
good and ready to take my cock, turn around so I can get to your to
tight hole!" I moved around so he could easily reach behind me. I jumped a
little as his hand preteen cartoons gallerys found my ass and started to work the lube into me.
His finger felt nice and hot inside my butt and I against him to keep
it nice and deep inside me. While John was getting my ass nice and slick I readied his cock.
I applied a generous amount of the lubricant to his cock and stroked it
up and down to spread it completely overhis shaft. After a few minutes
I was ready, I wanted his cock in my ass so he could fuck me for the
first time. He was still on laying on his back, his hard cock now standing
straight up in the air. I moved across his hips till I was straddling
his cock, then I moved elite nymphets preteen his big cockhead till it was pressing tightly
against my tight hole. Slowly, I sank down on his cock till his big
cockhead parted my tight ass and slid inside. I was really into it and there was no pain at all. I wanted his
cock deep in my ass and I was loving every minute of it! I sat down on
his cock nice and slow, preteen pedo images savoring every minute as his cockhead moved
deeper and deeper into me. With a little lunge, and a big groan from
me, I sank down all the way and suddenly John's cock was filling me
completely. I sat still for a few seconds, getting used to the full size of
his cock in my ass. My cock was stiff and throbbing and standing
straight out in front of me. My balls rested on John's stomach as I
sat fully impaled on his thick shaft. Then I started to rock slowly back and forth, driving his cock out
and then back into my ass! It felt great! A man was fucking my ass
for the first time and I was really going to enjoy it! "Oh man, John, your cock in my preteen nude families ass is really turning me on! I
want you to fuck me from behind, get on naked kids preteen your knees and stick your cock
into me again!" "You're ass nonude preteen thumbs is SO tight, it's really squeezing my cock. I hope I
can hold out for a while so I can fuck your ass nice and deep like I
want to." I stood up and his slick cock popped out of my ass. I quickly got
on my knees and seconds later I felt John kneel behind me, his hard
cock sliding between my cheeks. "Do it, John, fuck my ass nice and deep, fill my hole with your
hard cock!" I was practically begging John to fuck me now, and it
didn't take long young preteens hot
for him to comply. I felt the head of his cock at my
asshole, and then it pushed in just a bit. Just when I was about to beg him to fuck me again, I felt the full
length of his cock slide deep inside my ass! I let out a groan of
pleasure and he buried his rod in my butt. "OOOOOOhhhhhh, yeah! That's it, John! Now fuck me! Fill my ass
with your big pole!" Now John started to move his cock in and out of my ass as he
fucked, just like I wanted him to do. I put my head down on the bed
and reached between my legs to feels John's balls slapping against me
as he thrust his cock into my ass again and again! My cock was throbbing and calling for attention so I began to jack
off in rhythm with the cock being plied in my ass! It didn't take long
before I felt that familiar tingle in my balls. �It wasn't going to
take me long to come at this pace. John's cock was realling turning me
on as he fucked me harder and harder. I could feel his hips slapping
against my ass with every thrust into my tight asshole! "Oh nude sleeping preteens yeah, John, keep it up! I'm going to come! Keep fucking my
ass!" He increased the pace, ramming his cock into me faster and faster.
His hands on my hips and pulling my ass to him every time his cock slid
deep into my asshole! I felt my cum rising and I as I shot the first wad of cum into the
sheet under me, John's cock plunged deep into my butt and pinned me to
the bed. I felt his cock twitch and he filled preteen photos my ass with a hot load
of come. He pressed his body on top of mine as he came, as his weight
pushed me down, it pressed my cock between my body and the bed and
heightened the pleasure as I shot wad after wad of come into the
sheets! As one last string of cum emptied from nonude preteen thumbs John's cock I felt his
weight fall completely on top of me, his cock still buried deep in my
ass. I could hardly catch my breath as I recovered from the first ass
fucking in my life. I could hear John's labored breathing in my ear as
well. It seemed he had enjoyed fucking me as much as I had enjoyed his
cock in my ass. I felt his cock slowly soften and slip from my hole, it felt
absolutely great! And I knew that as soon as John's cock was hard
again, which would be very shortly if I preteen bbs chill had my way, it would sliding in
and out of my ass again! And maybe a third time!
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